Spiritualism – A Critique of Spiritual Doctrine – Ali Aksoy

There is no doubt that spiritualism and spiritual teaching deeply affect the religious and cultural accumulation of humanity and the historical development of humanity.

Dualism is one of the first phenomena that people see and learn in their effort to know nature and life… Contrasts such as Hot – Cold, Light – Dark, Bitter – Sweet, Small – Big, Beautiful – Ugly can always be observed in human life, mind and in nature in various forms.

This observation led to an effort to understand other things under the influence of dualism. Ultimately, man also tended to define himself from the point of view of dualism. While defining human in terms of dualism, the distinction between soul and body was added to the distinctions such as man – woman, child – adult.

In fact, one of the most basic impulses in the emergence of the soul in human consciousness and terminology is the fact of “death”, which is a source of deep anxiety that people cannot cope with. Man is in a constant state of restlessness from the moment he realizes death. Death cannot be accepted. He wants to live life longer and, if possible, never die, to live forever in a healthy and fit way. How can a person get rid of this death anxiety when it is proven by experience that death destroys the body and leaves nothing behind, and there is nothing preventing or delaying death?

Right at this stage, the spiritist teaching divided man into soul and body and claimed that death only destroys the body, and that something called soul continues to live even though the human body is dead and completely destroyed.

Of course, a justification and proof had to be presented in order for this fabricated idea, which was not based on any concrete evidence, to be accepted by people. The basis of the main argument that spiritualist teaching will present, briefly and roughly, is as follows. It divides beings into living and non-living (dualism). Lists and defines the “visible” and “experimentable” differences between living and non-living things. In summary; inanimate, they do not move. Does not breathe, does not move. Plants, animals and humans are living with these common features, while others are non-living. A concept called soul was added to the concepts such as movement and consciousness, which distinguish them from the others, but differ among themselves gradually.

If something moves with a consciousness, it has a soul. Just as nature inverts, turns, kills and resurrects other things, it can also invert, kill and resurrect living things with spirit. When a seed is thrown into the ground while it is dead, it comes to life, produces new seeds, then dies and the dead seeds from it are resurrected in the same line.

There is a power in the dead seed, and it is an undying power. The manifestation of this power in living things with breath is the spirit. Just as the soul exists as an invisible essence in a dead seed, so there is an invisible essence, a soul in man. Even if the human body dies, this spirit does not die and continues to exist.

There is no doubt that although no one has been able to observe this spirit, beyond the purely made-up stories, spiritism has very quickly gained acceptance in human consciousness in that it proposes “immortality”. Because it offers a cure, a solution to man’s most basic anxiety, at least it allows him to console himself. Everything that postpones, covers, trivializes, and forgets the reality of death is worth evaluating.

What the soul is after death, where it goes, will develop later on through a functioning cultural evolution, and religions and assumptions that are different from each other and have very rich contents will emerge. This part of the work is not the subject of our article.

In fact, when you look at the basics of the matter, it is obvious that spiritism is not based on any concrete evidence, but is just an inference, an assumption that is the result of ignorant observation. He is ignorant because it is an expected attitude and result for people who do not have knowledge of biology, cell, digestion, nervous system and other information to explain what they see in nature and what they do not know, by secondary means.

The problem is not in the fallacy caused by ignorant observation, but in the fact that these nonsense still occupy a place in our minds as a real and demonstrable phenomenon, despite the concrete information and data that emerged later on.

Of course, the remnants of ancient beliefs will occupy a place in our minds and attain an “immortality” in the minds, albeit partially. For example, even if we do not believe in a being called the soul, it is not possible for us to purify it from our language and the words we use. If it is narrowed for you, you say “my soul is bored”, this is not because you believe in the soul, but because of your habits.

In these times, when we are on the way to be able to know almost every curve of the human brain, all kinds of energy movements, all chemical reactions with almost complete perfection, unfortunately, information cannot beat fabrication. “No” scientist doing research on human anatomy and the human brain has come across “no” information about the soul, not the slightest bit of information, or any phenomenon that needs to be explained outside of science.

However, despite all this clear situation, it is very difficult today as it was yesterday for people to say that “there is no such thing as a soul”. In fact, this issue is more difficult today than it was yesterday. Because this idea, which covered only death anxiety yesterday, has become one of the main ideas of the most widespread religions today. Denial of the soul is almost synonymous with the denial of religion. Therefore, no matter what evidence you put forward, it is not possible for a consciousness that does not want to leave its religion to put dust on the soul. Finally, man accuses the scientist of ignorance and inadequacy of what he knows, but continues to defend his own opinion / belief that is not based on any concrete evidence.

I think religions need to be purified from the spirit before the spirit, which is increasingly cornered by science, can come out of our dream world. Sociology and psychology show that humans can achieve this over time with a cultural evolution. Probably, some “read” religious people claim that religious terminology is misunderstood, that a soulless religious belief is also possible, and they try to get rid of the soul step by step.

I hope this fabrication based on ignorant observation leaves its place to a proven consciousness.

Ali Aksoy, 23 August 2020

(Translated with google translate)

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