Adele – Cry Your Heart Out Lyrics

Adele – Cry Your Heart Out

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Cry Your Heart Out Lyrics

When I walk in a room I’m invisible
I feel like a ghost
All my friends keep on telling me that this feeling won’t last
I can’t get no relief I’m so tired of myself
I swear I’m dead in the eyes
I have nothing to feel no more
I can’t even cry

When will I begin to feel like me again
I’m hanging by a thread
My skins paper thin I can’t stop wavering
I’ve never been more scared

Cry your heart out
It’ll clean your face
When you’re in doubt
Go at your own pace

When I wake up I’m afraid at the idea of facing the day
I would rather stay home on my own
Drink it all away
Please stop calling me it’s exhausting
There’s really nothing left to say
I created this storm
It’s only fair I have to sit in its rain

All love is devout
No feeling is a waste
But give it to yourself now
Before it’s too late
In the end it’s just you
Stop drowning in wait
Your love is useless without it