Mexico Earthquake – Strange bursts of light in the sky – What’s going on ?

Mexico earthquake

Mexico Earthquake – Strange bursts of light in the sky – What’s going on ?

In the earthquake that took place in Mexico, lights that we are not accustomed to see appeared. The lights that appeared in the sky like an explosion scared people at least as much as the earthquake. It is not known what causes the flashes of light. If it were not during the earthquake, it is possible to look at these flashes as skewers. But in recent years there have been a lot of earthquakes in Mexico and people are asking questions about these earthquakes. Do these bursts of light have anything to do with earthquakes?

Some complo theorists claim that some countries have developed an earthquake weapon and used this weapon against other countries. Is there a relationship between these strange bursts of light that suddenly appeared in the sky during the Mexico earthquake and the working system of a manufactured weapon?

Maybe you can watch the videos and have an opinion on this subject.

Earthquake and lighting storm, Mexico, September 7th 2021

MIXCIO earthquake lights throughout the skyline |earthquake Magnitude 6.9| MexicoCity |Redsun Tamil

Terremoto mexico 7 septiembre 2021 20:47 7.1 Magnitud

7.4 earthquake near Acapulco, Mexico: Video shows power lines arcing during magnitude

Mexico Earthquake Security Camera

Buildings shaking in Mexico earthquake


fuerte sismo terremoto mexico

Terremoto mexico hoy

Urgente Terremoto México 7.0

Terremoto los peores momentos en la Ciudad de México 7 de septiembre 2021

Se observan ‘Luces de terremoto’ en la Ciudad de México

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