Sommer im Regenwald: Leben mit Bambus und Permakultur

Summer in the Rainforest: Building with Bamboo and Permaculture Living

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Olá,belas moças! É muito interessante lhes ver interagindo nesse restaurado paraíso da natureza,com a densa floresta,os caudalosos cursos d’água e os seus animais domésticos,só faço votos que continuem assim e muito felizes!👏👏🥇🥇 Assistindo de Ituiutaba-MG,Brasil 🇧🇷

So much beauty and badassery! Honestly love how you guys building and creating – it’s these kinds of narratives that are big medicine for the world right now – in addition to the connection of nature. I make YouTube videos in a similar spirit as yours but live in a very different kind of land – it’s just so beautiful to see this side of Earth’s character and nature and to recognise the similarities regardless of where in the world you live… Thank you for what you do!

The cinematography has been absolutely breathtaking the last few videos. And the drone shots have been blowing me away. Is it Mom who edits the videos? So honoured to be able to watch all 3 of you grow your talents

I never imagined that part of Australia like this, it’s like a paradise. I am a little concerned about the fauna of the area, when I think of Australia I think of snakes, spiders etc… I have so many questions

This is what you call, trial & error with the bamboo garden, but you are persistent and that’s what you a stronger person to carry on. Your both doing great.

Live with nature in the woods away from city is my dream life. Oh! the fresh air ,green leaves,the cool breeze,those cute animals,fresh foods,, everything looks super fine there.
You are so blessed ladies

Congratulations , huge congrats to you! What you are doing is admirable and amazing!

This video brings so much joy to my soul. They are having such a good time!

Julia, thank you very much for the lesson you gave us. It used to be that Anastasia did all of the talking.
You both are very precious ❤ 💖 💕 💗

One of my favorite episodes. There is more dilemma about how to do things. The real Julia and Anastasia along with your mother too. Your failures turned to success after all.

Ya’ll work hard & your lives are art. The creativity within both of you is abundant! Leaves me in awe. I have some but not nearly as supreme as ta’lls! Your animals show the personalities that can burst forward when they are treated with LIVE. They are adorable! I personally never eat enough fruit & ya’ll consume an abundance that surely doctors your bodies well! The food ya’ll cook…. Don’t know the recipes but “sure, I’ll come to dinner!” Ha! The garden plans? Beautiful. The duck house? So cute. Your studio? Splendid! Your garden , so fine, & Zinnias are my favorite annual. So many colors & I love the butterflies they attract. Where do you shop your doily’s, vintage fabrics, tablecloths & 2nd hand clothes you repurpose? Do you have thrift stores there? Second hand shops, charity shops? How far are ya’ll from a town? Do you have friends living out there in the rain forest? Either of you been bitten by a snake? Are the animals in danger from them? Where do ya’ll get your vintage boots? Do either of you read? Do ya’ll socialize I wonder? So many questions & Im sure the videos will keep coming. I am in NC in the US. We are in winter. It’s summer there? Don’t know why I’m asking all these questions…, interest primarily. Maybe you’ll cover some of the answers in future videos?

I love your perseverance with the garden arch and it has given me some great ideas for my garden. I know that you have finished the arch but I was wondering if the larger bamboo would slip over the star pickets if left whole and then you could drill a hole in the top and use wire to tie the cross beams in place. Keep up the amazing job that you are all doing.