Why was the Anunnaki movie not completed? Does the museum building in Iraq have anything to do with it? – Ali Aksoy

In the video above, some ideas are put forward as to why the film 1Anunnaki, for which the preparations were started, could not be completed. We don’t know how many of these are real. However, there is no doubt that the issue of the Sumerian Gods, the Anunnaki, will be at the center of religious affairs for many years to come.

In summary, this issue, whose general framework was drawn by the Azeri writer Zekeriya Sitchin, and which is based on the unconventional interpretations of the translations of dozens of Sumerologists, can upset almost all religious judgments and beliefs if Sitchin’s predictions are correct.

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The point is that the phenomena that we have defined as “myth” and known as “pagan culture” until now are far from being stories and delusions made up by such people, but that the beings they worship, serve and sculpt are not a product of imagination, but living, living, physical creatures. based on his claim.

Allegedly, this group of Gods (pantheon), which the Sumerians defined as “Anunnakis”, Nibiru (Nibirhu) meaning “transition planet” in Sumer, superior and human-like (more precisely, one who made us like themselves) from another planet known as Marduk in Babylon. ) is a living species. These beings, which are at a very advanced stage of their evolution, possessing superior technical knowledge and tools, live for a time that can be said to be infinite, according to human beings. They fell into some disagreements on their planet, the same people fell into, established kingdoms and eventually started to search for minerals due to a problem that occurred in the atmosphere of their own planet, and in this way they reached the world.

Even the Earth itself was formed in ancient times, when there weren’t even the Anunnaki yet, when a planet named Nibiru collided with a larger water planet called Tiamat, which was located at a much greater distance from the sun (in the present asteroid belt) than the Earth’s orbit now, and split it in two, one of the fragments approached the Sun to form planet Earth, and the portion orbiting Nibiru was constantly struck by Nibiru to form the present asteroid belt.

Thanks to this first visit of Nibiru to the solar system billions of years ago, the planetary system, which had been extraordinarily unstable until then, has taken a new order and become stable as a result of Nibiru’s activities such as gravitational-repulsion effects or the impact we have just mentioned. Allegedly, the Anunnaki did not witness this event, they evolved long after this event, and obtained this information by researching the history of their planet. At the time of the impact, the vital part of Tiamat from Nibiru was somehow infected to Earth, and this is how life on Earth began. Evolution, which started from the same genetic core on both planets, brought forth the anunnaki and other life forms we do not know that were there on Niburu, and all pre-Human life on earth.

Believing that they could restore the atmosphere of their planet by using gold dust, the Anunnaki came to the world in search of gold, while the chief god / sky god Anu, the king of Niburu, appointed his two sons and a daughter in charge of this activity on earth.

The friction that exists between the two sons due to an issue today known as the “law of succession” in the religious literature, went further in the world, the first son god Enki (also called EA), who should be the heir to the throne according to the ancient and natural law of Nibiru; Under the new laws of the kingdom of Nibiru, the younger son, genetically inheriting the same lineage genes from both father and mother, provoked the other Anunnaki (also known as Igigi) who were serving on earth and mars at the time, to gain an advantage in his struggle with the god Enlil, a problem of his own making. In order to solve it, they came up with the idea of creating a living thing that would serve them in the world, and with the consent of the Nibiru council, which was afraid of the disruption of gold collection, the work for the first ancestors of us humans began.

After allegedly giving birth to the first human under Ninmah enki’s watch, she lifts it up saying, “Here it is, I created it with my hands”

As a result of God Enki’s long-term studies and trials, the first human prototypes emerged, and the name “Adamu” and his wife, which is mentioned in the Sumerian records, were created. These first humans, who were taken to God Enlil’s mansion in the city of Edin (Aden, Adn) for his examination, were expelled by Enlil from the private garden (!) of the mansion they were in, when it turned out that they could not reproduce, according to the agreement between Enki and Enlil and the decision of the Nibiru council. Again, Enki took ownership and continued to develop and reproduce.

According to the claim made as a result of the interpretation of the Sumerian texts, humans were created to resemble the Anunnaki, but using monkey DNA, with intelligence, life, health, etc. in realms they are genetically deprived of important traits so that they cannot become like the Anunnaki.

With this new species created to serve other Anunnaki in the world, these Anunnaki began to mate, and other hybrid creatures with abilities other than the first created began to emerge. Devastated by this situation, the God Enlil did not inform the people of a great upcoming flood and wished them to perish in this great flood, but the people believed that the God Enki was to protect one of his children and family, which was born as a result of being with a human female, and told them that they would be protected from the Flood. As a result of the construction of an advanced ship, this family and the human race that would develop and multiply through them survived.

Although the deluge plan did not work out, God Enlil was extremely angry, but at the request of the other Anunnaki, these survivors were allowed to live, and from that date on, they too were given as much knowledge, experience, etc. as they thought fit, so that they could establish a civilization and dominate the world like the Anunnaki. transferred.

According to the story, the oldest but most advanced state of this civilization is the Sumerian civilization.

However, the struggle between Enlil and Enki did not remain in the flood stage and continued among his sons, in short, some events that we know as the destruction of various tribes in our religious literature were caused by the fact that they were in the nature of the wrong God, rather than because of a crime committed by those tribes. He witnessed their wars among themselves.

During these fierce battles, Enki’s son Marduk claimed to be the chief god in the areas left to his rule, and the final battles were fought between the supporters of Marduk and the supporters of Enlil.

According to a text that Zekeriya Sitchin claims was fabricated by “Marduk”, the pantheon of Gods gathered during the Babylonian Civilization and declared Marduk the chief god.

After this stage, a long period began when the polytheistic period ended and people were led to monotheistic religions, and today’s religions emerged.

Zekheria Sitchin

Zechariah Sitchin and some argue that today’s religions, known as celestial religions, are also of Anunnaki origin. According to Sitchin, Judaism; It was revealed by Nannar (Moon God), son of Enlil. Some sections in Turkey belong to the Nibiru council, which is under its presidency, where Enlil’s group was completely defeated, they were expelled from Nibiru and the world, Enki’s son Marduk was proclaimed king by the Nibiru council and therefore banned polytheism after him, and all religious texts were under his presidency. thinks it is.

After this statement, which I can call the summary of the summary, I would like to draw your attention to the looting of museums in Iraq after the invasion of Iraq. For the territory of Iraq today corresponds exactly to the places where the Anunnaki were deployed for the first time in the world. In fact, many cuneiform tablets belonging to the Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations were unearthed as a result of the excavations made here.

Similarly, the US & Israel patented murderous organization ISIS, also looted museums. One cannot help but wonder what the US soldiers, who started an invasion claiming to have chemical weapons in Iraq, were looking for in museums and what they stole and looted. It seems likely that they have done the “leftover” clean-up through their own subcontractor, ISIS.

It is these Anunnaki that the Israelites refer to when declaring themselves “sons of God” based on the Torah. For this reason, the Sumerian issue is not just a historical information or phenomenon.

I will share my own personal comments on these issues in other articles.

Ali Aksoy – 20.10.2019

(Translated with google translate)

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