Expired (2022 Movie) Official Trailer

Expired (2022 Movie) Official Trailer – Ryan Kwanten, Hugo Weaving

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Expired – In theaters and on demand March 18, 2022. Ryan Kwanten, Jillian Nguyen, Hugo Weaving

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Getting some Blade Runner vibes here. Also Agent Smith is back i see. Hugo Weaving is a legend.

i will watch it cause its Sci Fi and Ryan and Hugo are in it, lets hope its good!!

God, how long have I been waiting for this trailer, you have no idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll go see it. I like science fiction.

Looks like Blade Runner 2049

Most of the trailler is the main character stumbling on himself. Very hard to get a grasp on what happening cause they explain nothing or pertinence in this trailer

There’s trailers that show too much and then there’s trailers that tell you nothing…just tell us what the first 45mins of the movie is about…

So Jason Stackhouse is in the matrix with agent smith

Lionsgate is still №1 provider of pure shit with former movie stars like Willis, Cusack or Morgan Freeman.

God, why is Hugo Weaving in C-grade movies?