Adele – Can I Get It Lyrics

Adele – Can I Get It

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Can I Get It Lyrics

Pave me a path to follow
And I’ll tread any dangerous road
I will beg I will steal I will borrow
If I can make if I can make your heart my home

Throw me to the water
I don’t care how deep or shallow
Because my heart can pound like thunder
And your love and your love can set me free

I have promised I will love you til the end of time
Through it all, the good the bad the ugly and divine
I will be the melody the rhythm and your rhyme
All I want is for you to be mine

So can I get it right now?
Can I get it right now
Can I get it right now
Can I get it right now
Let me let me just come and get it

You tease me with your control
Because I long to live under your spell
And without your love I’m hollow
I won’t make it I won’t make it on my own

When will you run with me
Like I know you want to
You’re the one for me
And I’m counting on you
To put the pieces of me back together