Adele – Hold On Lyrics

Adele – Hold On

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Hold On Lyrics

Oh what have I done yet again
Have I not learned anything
I don’t want to live in chaos
It’s like a ride that I want to get off
It’s hard to hold on to who I am
When I’m stumbling in the dark for a hand
I am so tired of battling with myself
With no chance to win

Hold on
You are still strong
Love will soon come
Just hold on

I swear to god I am such a mess
The harder that I try I regress
I am my own worst enemy
Right now I truly hate being me
Everyday feels like the road I’m on
Might just open up and swallow me whole
How do I feel so mighty small
When I’m struggling to feel at all

Sometimes loneliness
Is the only rest we get
And the emptiness
Actually lets us forget
Sometimes forgiveness
Is easiest in secret

Just hold on