How will a possible American embargo affect our digital world? – Ali Aksoy

Ever since Turkey used the phrase “with all our might” more clearly than ever before in the National Security Council, all parties to the issue have taken the possibility of a military intervention by Turkey to the east of the Euphrates in Syria much more seriously. Those who know that the United States will not abandon its “distraction” tactic take positions according to the possibility of the operation and its possible consequences.

The “priest” disaster last year had pushed the dollar up to 7.20 levels. Moreover, there was no issue directly related to the national interests of the USA. Because, in order to draw attention to the distinction and the difference of intervention between these two issues, Mr. Trump; He said, “If Turkey attacks the Kurds, we will destroy the Turkish economy.”

In this article, we will focus on what kind of problems we will encounter in the digital field if a possible military operation by the USA and Turkey against the USA triggers some embargoes.

As a result of the previous “dollar disaster”, the prices of domain, hosting fees and dollar-indexed services purchased from abroad immediately increased. Undoubtedly, a possible embargo will create serious costs for such products and services.

However, the price increase that may occur in such products will be extremely insignificant in the possibilities that I will mention shortly. When it comes to whether a product or service is more expensive or not, you’ll appreciate that the situation is a little more complicated.

As a result of some “meaningless” and “unnecessary” demands from Turkey, Paypal stopped its Turkey operation and users who received payments via Paypal were in a very difficult situation. By using a mix of international and established competitors of the widely used Paypal, that problem was tried to be overcome somehow.

However, if the embargo comes to the stage of limiting or stopping the activities of US-based companies in Turkey, very different problems may arise with our digital world.

Almost, many countries of the world, including European countries, are working on alternative payment systems. Because the USA’s interpretation of the use of payment systems such as MasterCard and Visa as that the USA has the opportunity to monitor and legally evaluate the money traffic carried out in this way and all kinds of commercial activities using the US currency, the US dollar, angered all other countries.

This method, which means monitoring all possible monetary movements, especially in monitoring the embargoes applied to countries such as Iran, prompted other countries to trade using national currencies and to develop alternative systems for money transfer.

Also recently, the effect of the trade war between the USA and China has been seen on Huawei brand mobile phones, and giant technology companies such as Google and Facebook have signaled that they can take some measures against Huawei. When the event we call the embargo is processed as a law and there are some sanctions for non-compliance, it will become mandatory for US-based companies to comply with it.

The tension between the USA and Iran has not turned into a hot conflict yet. However, considering the ugly steps taken by the US, such as the money it spent in the region for the establishment of Greater Israel, the people it killed, and the establishment and management of murderous terrorist organizations, there is a possibility of a warm contact with Turkey before Iran. In fact, it has been mentioned many times that there were “unidentified” attacks by “unnamed” and some “hidden” forces in operations such as the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch, which were carried out by Turkey before.

The fierce, spoiled and megalomaniac attitude of the USA, when faced with Turkey’s “survival” issue, may at least create a situation in which Turkey will not see a hot conflict as “unlikely”, and everything can change in an instant.

From the Netflix series to an official meeting attended by our officers, the map that is in their hearts is not a goal that can be achieved with peace and compassion and good alliance relations. I mean, the US side, as long as it pursues this distorted goal, should eventually consider the possibility of a hot conflict with Turkey.

If we go back to the digital field, the embargo that the USA will implement for an ideological or hegemonic purpose will of course be very different from the embargo that it will implement in wartime.

Whether he likes Tayyip Erdoğan or not, when we look at the event from the Turks’ side, what will be deprived of the digital field in case of a possible conflict will not be considered important. It is obvious that this will have very serious consequences. That is why, in the event of such a conflict or the highest level of tension, which is likely to happen “eventually”, what might happen should be considered and appropriate measures should be taken.

The basis of all possible measures can be summarized as “not getting into a marriage with hand technology”. Since it is no longer possible to imagine a life without digital, Turkey’s efforts to nationalize the defense industry must be done in all digital fields.

Turkey should be in a national structure especially in hosting (hosting, cloud computing), payment systems, mobile operating systems, content platforms and digital advertising networks, and should resynchronize all resident companies according to this purpose.


You may encounter an environment where Google does not work, you cannot access platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, you cannot even use your mobile phones, you cannot access almost all your websites, you cannot even use web-based communication tools such as Whatsapp, and you cannot access your e-mails. Your banks may not be able to transfer money from one to another, even domestically.

Our aim is not to make a calamity. It is never wrong to show the bad and cause hesitation in the steps that Turkey should take for its national interests. This foresight is presented to explain why we, as a country, should immediately engage in nationalization efforts in the digital field and determine the course of action to be followed in the worst-case scenario.

As a result, almost all of the products and services we use in our digital space are offered by US-based companies, and if they, too, have to act according to the nature of the embargo, then the plug of our digital world is in the hands of the USA. Planning ahead of time what will happen and what will be done when the US pulls this plug, and making appropriate preparations and initiatives, is of the same importance as a national security issue.

Ali Aksoy – 04.10.2019

(Translated with google translate)

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