Miley Cyrus – Flowers (Backyard Sessions)

Miley Cyrus – Flowers (Backyard Sessions)

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her backyard sessions are now basically better than the grammys

I love how she’s feeling herself to the music. It’s so carefree. Like how we sing when we’re alone in the house, nobody’s watching so we can really let loose. That’s how she sings here and I love it

The way she has evolved as an artist over the years is amazing. Her raspy voice is invigorating to listen; it’s has that cool rocker chic vibe and reminds me of singers from the 80s. I love listening to her newer songs.

This backyard sessions are so dreamy, romantic, Fun ! Every damn thing you’d want in your weekends ! I just LOVEEEE the environment and her vocals overall ! Huge respect for her 💜

Watching Miley Cyrus bloom like a flower in the backyard performance is simply mesmerizing! 🌸🎶

I think she has a special place in our hearts because a lot of us got to watch her grow up. It’s so cool to see her evolution as an artist and as a person. 🥰

This proves that if you are really talented, singing in your own backyard can look/feel like a grand stage. Great job Miley

This young lady is incredible with an incomparable voice. I am totally captivated by her exuberant enthusiasm. Go, Miley. I am so proud of you and your brilliant songwriting.

La fortuna de tener una voz única y naturalmente agradable sin forzarla a nada, es el resultado de esto escucharla sea en disco o en vivo suena igual la misma voz la misma energía que delicia escucharla ❤️

Eres maravillosa Miley Cyrus, muchas gracias por compartir esta canción con todos nosotros. Sea mujer u hombre que este pasando por algún momento malo en su relación sentimental o algún problema de su entorno nunca olviden que ustedes son primero y con el apoyo de sus seres queridos todo se puede. Saludos desde Callao, Perú 🇵🇪

Essa música está bombando no Brasil!! ADORO 😘😘😘😘

she always manages to make her live performances sound way better than the studio versions

UALLLLL A melhor, se eu pudesse curtiria 1000 vezes! Te Amo MILEY❤🇧🇷

Essa música é totalmente pra minha mãe que acabou de viver uma traição e separação obrigada Miley ❤❤

Her music and talent never disappoints! I get goosebumps everytime I hear her sing. You can feel her voice as well as listen to it!

Let the new Miley Cyrus era begin, she never disappoints us. She knows how to reivent herself every time. Her vocals and performance are always amazing

Love the backyard session! She’s grown so much as a vocalist and all around artist!

Her voice has always been too powerful for pop, glad she’s doing songs that perfectly fit her voice now

her live songs are better than her studio songs.. so talented.. performance and her voice are superb!!

She was born to be the star she is. Her evolution and growth are incredible. She’s a true icon. Thanks, Miley, for this amazing masterpiece.💛