Is Google a search engine or an “appreciation and determination” engine of right and wrong?

When Google first came out, it became “Google,” making a difference in speed and what it looked for and offered. Today, however, Google and its products are moving at full speed to an unknown place, somewhere other than their starting point, with an extra arrogance and “I did it” or “I’ll do it” mindset. I’m not an astrologer, but I can say that he is advancing towards a very hard wall.

Accidents often happen like this. Everything seems fine until you bump into something. It is often the watchful observers outside the car who can best predict your fate. If “pure self-confidence” sat in the driver’s seat, wow to the state of that car, wow to the fate of those in that car… If not today, tomorrow, wait and see, it will destroy all that exists.

Years ago, a news about Google was shared in the Facebook group of Evolution Tree, which I still follow fondly. According to the news that a significant part of the Evolution Tree followers applaud, Google announces that it will give priority to the web pages that it “appreciates” containing scientific information over other pages in the search results. they were expressing their happiness with this decision, believing that the rate of spread in the society would decrease.

As an experienced “outlier” character, the pitiful one is, “Is Google God that it has made such a classification by “appreciating” what is right and what is wrong? I had been instrumental in the breaking of a small apocalypse in that forum from those dates.

Recently, at the beginning of their quarantine work, a friend shared a video link of a foreign author claiming that the pandemic issue was a complete fabrication. I later researched and learned that this author, Hz. Google’s Youtube channel, including the video I watched from another site, was completely deleted from Youtube and “excommunicated”. The justification was that he put forward “ideas that are contrary to scientific data and may pose a danger (that may cause the spread of the pandemic)”. Since I knew ‘BY EXPERIENCE’ that these nibs were already a ‘gang’, it did not surprise me at all to learn that Facebook followed a similar policy.

You may have just encountered it because of the pandemic issue, but I threw in the Google Play Store what these Google nibs are, and one of the rallies of the Palestinians with the name “Write for Jerusalem”, which coincides with the Trump’s decision approving the capital of Israel to be Jerusalem, and in its content, 8 – I know better than the approval process of a mobile app that has nothing but 10 photos. Until that day, more than a hundred mobile applications that I had uploaded to the Google Play Store were either approved or rejected for technical reasons within two days at the latest. In other words, the fate will be determined within 48 hours at the latest, as clearly stated in the guidelines of Google. However, this “Write for Jerusalem” application of your outlaw, was suspended for exactly 1 month, even though it did not contain any comments, information or other material that violated the Google Play Store guidelines and other guidelines. After an extraordinary 30-day wait, first my mobile app was approved, and a day or two later, my developer account was terminated entirely for a “completely made-up” reason. (I still laugh out loud every time I remember this) I mean, something like a raise in your salary, termination of your job. I don’t know a father who can explain it.

After this intricate introduction, we can draw attention to some facts that we need to realize by looking at the tree on which the branch is leaning.

Believe it or not, according to the Qur’an as a source of religious value, the Israelites took their Rabbis as their “lords” and the Christians their priests. This is a very serious accusation of “shirk”. I have written a few articles based on this verse. The argument for this very serious accusation of this verse is this: Because they considered halal what their rabbis and priests said halal and haram what they said was haram. Nice… Muslims, along with sects, have taken others as “Lords” on the same issue and in exactly the same way to the envy of Christians and Jews, but that may now be the subject of another discussion.

Here, the place where the word will come and knot is the issue of who will command us the crooked and the right, the good and the bad, and in what capacity.

Does Google or Facebook have the authority to “assess” whether something, a thought, an idea, a guess, a claim is scientific or true in their own opinion?

If a “so-called” search engine like Google, which has almost become a monopoly, is with supremely advanced artificial intelligence-supported algorithms; Instead of basing the information that I can access on parameters independent of the content, such as “popularity”, “being recently published”, “being referenced a lot” and finally “relevant to what is being searched for”, although it is no longer found in Google, I read the content and read the content. economic vs. If it weighs according to its own hegemony and highlights the “appropriate” ones according to itself, how should we characterize it?

For example, although I disagree with most of what he said; What is the practical name of preventing me from accessing and accessing the ideas of a writer friend who raves about the pandemic and claims that all these things – more than planned – are fabrications?

If you take the measure of the Qur’an, it is exactly supposing “Godness / Lordship”. In these days when we are advancing to a period called “Singularity – Singularity”, a moment has come when “contrary” typologies like me should cause a malfunction.

Let’s say you have an idea that you believe is true. You do this; Without attacking anyone, without harming anyone’s personal rights, you want to share it on Google’s “so-called libertarian” publications, open this idea for discussion and, quite naturally, spread your idea. But: this one, whose name is put in a cute package as “technology companies”, declares that if the “gang” does not like your opinion, they will silence you according to some truths that they have invented.

In his time, Johannes Kepler was also talking nonsense, which did not fit the conjuncture. Many scientists, like Kepler, could not say what they meant, for fear of the sword in the hands of fabrications and prejudices packed into religion. This game of Theism has cost humanity a lot of time.

It’s not a job to believe, but according to what I’ve read, in a country like England, where the packaging is too fancy, “PLEASING IDEAS” that relates the pandemic process to the 5G technologies developed for mobile phones has been banned by the decision of the official authority that deals with these issues!

“Do you hear?”

I deliberately chose this ironic phrase. This is because, in the Qur’an, the words of Pharaoh, who declared himself to be God, in the face of Moses’ words, are the words in the meaning of “amazement, look at your audacity”, looking at the arrogant people around him.

“Do you hear!” (Surah Shuara, 25)

It seems that even the smug team next to the godlike Pharaoh is luckier than we are. At least they can hear a contrary idea. These new Goddesses, on the other hand, intend to detect those ideas with strong algorithms as soon as they are written, and block them from access.

It turns out that Hz. England greats, those great Gods; We are not aware of the fact that he accepted the idea of ​​establishing a linear relationship between the pandemic and 5G transmitter stations as “company”…

Google, Facebook, Twitter also made similar moves. Nice… The synchronized movement of the members of that big gang shouldn’t surprise us too much. What amazes me is the audacity of these friends to start doing these acts openly and not covertly. That is, they believe that the majority of humanity will obey the commands, the haram and halal that they “appreciate”. We can call it a complete “confidence before the big bump” syndrome. I don’t know how or when that big bump will happen. But it has always been like this in history, I only know it.

I recently experienced by chance that a result related to a word I searched for was listed on the first page in Yandex, while it “technically” should have been listed, but not on the 20-odd result page of the Google search engine.

I immediately thought of the possibility of how people could be redirected with ten hundred million search terms that I could not / could not / could not compare. I wrote this article right after my experience.

So let’s ask now; Is this Google really a search engine, or is it a so-called Goddess who appreciates the “truths” I need to reach, commands, subtly highlights, and blocks/covers the rest?

Ali Aksoy – 31 August 2020

(Translated with google translate)

For the original article, see:

Google, bir arama motoru mu, yoksa doğruyu, yanlışı “takdir ve tayin etme” motoru mu ?

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